explore peruvian cuisine from the investor perspective.

Returns You Can Savor!

In a recent online conversation, OTG Investment Committee & Advisor, Sergio Unzueta, discussed how the AR Expansion Fund can provide a unique opportunity for culinary-minded investors to indulge in the spread of Peruvian-inspired cuisine while partnering with celebrity Peruvian chef, Gastón Acurio. 

Hot topics included:
  • The rise of chef Gastón Acurio, a law student turned culinary icon who revolutionized the gastronomic scene by popularizing Peruvian cuisine worldwide
  • Acurio Restaurantes' plan to open 8-12 new US restaurants, leveraging the company's successful $100m+ yearly revenue model
  • How the AR Expansion Fund, with a $50m - $70m target fund size, plans expansion on the East Coast, Texas, and California, offering investors 50% ownership in new restaurants and aiming for a 17-20% annual cash ROI
  • How OTG's partnership with Acurio International came about, the fund’s structure, and why culinary lovers will want to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity 

Learn Why Investing in Restaurants Can be a Profitable Addition to Your Portfolio.